A Little Bit About Us

With more than 40 years in the automobile industry, Jeff Shipe
knows how to buy a quality pre-owned vehicle.

Offering quality pre-owned vehicles at competitive prices. That is what Shipe Motors Inc. at 494 Jacksonville Rd., just off County Line Rd in Hatboro, is all about.

Why purchase a vehicle from Shipe Motors? "We offer a better used car," says the owner. "What that means is you are going to get a better used car without spending a lot of money."

The business just passed its fifth anniversary. "We have sold over 1600 vehicles", said Shipe, and we put them all through an extensive 110-point certification process."

"We do the same certification on a $3,000 car as a $30,000 car," said Shipe. No matter what your budget, you are going to get the same service and value.

Shipe Motors offers up to a three year unlimited mileage warranty and warranties to fit any budget, according to Shipe.

The vehicles for sale on Shipe Motors 75-car lot are not acquired through auction. "Most used car dealers acquire a large percentage of their inventory from auctions," said Shipe. "Most auction cars are in need of much more mechanical and cosmetic repair than the average dealer is willing to perform. As such, they end up at auction and become some unfortunate buyers headache. I purchase my inventory from banks/credit unions, leasing/fleet organizations and high-line new car dealer trades."

Shipe Motors thoroughly inspects each vehicles it acquires. "We have higher standards than most," said Shipe.  "For example, in the state of Pennsylvania, a dealer can pass a vehicle for inspection with brakes and tires measuring as little as 1/32 - 2/32 of an inch. To me, this is unacceptable."

At Shipe Motors, the brakes and tires must measure at least 50% (4/32 - 5/32 of an inch) or they are replaced.  "I do not want the customer to need brakes or tires in six months," Shipe tell his mechanics. "When we acquire a vehicle for resale we perform the necessary mechanical work before the sale not after," he said.

Prices start as low as $3,000 for one of Shipe's quality pre-owned vehicles. "We have a tremendous following," said Shipe  "over half of our business comes from previously satisfied customers. On several occasions we have sold two and three cars to the same family!"

Need a reliable used car for yourself or your spouse? Have a new driver in the family?    Stop by and see Jeff Shipe. "Like most parents looking for a second car, I found it difficult deciding how much money to spend." Jeff Shipe, of Hatboro said. "Should I buy a cheap car that may need a lot of work or do I spend a little more and get a reliable car?"  The answer to this question became his business model.



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